Shojo Manga: Pop and Romance

Shojo Manga: Pop and Romance by Factory Studio Kamikaze

By: Factory Studio Kamikaze

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235 x 216mm

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A step-by-step guide to all the tricks -- both freehand and digital -- to create the best manga characters! Here is an amazing manual of manga for artists of all ages! Concentrating on Shojo manga and anime (a genre targeting female audiences), SHOJO MANGA is a practical, hands-on guide to learning the skills of Shojo drawing. It includes detailed information on how to apply digital colour, 3D designs, vectorial drawing, and a host of other fascinating and useful design applications. And each project in Kodomo Manga includes step-by-step instructions specifying software, tools, and professional tricks to achieve the big eyes, tiny noses, and love torn expressions central to shojo manga characters.
Shojo Manga takes manga artists, illustrators, and graphic designers from initial black-and-white sketches to a vibrant, fully costumed collection of characters. In five chapters, its content will be broken down as follows:
1. Vintage Romance
2. Love and Pop
3. Gothic
4. Magic Lovers
5. History and Legends
Publication Date:
01 / 02 / 2011
235 x 216mm

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