Side by Side Italian and English Grammar

Side by Side Italian and English Grammar by Paola Nanni-Tate
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Learn and review Italian grammar at a glance

Of all the obstacles you face while learning a new language, grammar is one of the toughest. But now there's a way to learn the subtleties of grammar without all the headaches. Side by Side Italian & English Grammar is the perfect tool to help you understand the similarities and differences between English and Italian grammar.

By learning Italian grammar through comparisons to your native English language, you are able to build on what you already know. You will be better able to understand and remember Italian grammar while writing, speaking, and being tested on Italian usage. This innovative grammar guide includes:

Clear and comprehensive introductions to the parts of speech, explaining their functions and answering common questions about them

Quick Check sections that summarize main ideas

Appendices that identify possible grammar trouble spots, such as interrogative pronouns and adjectives, familiar and formal commands, and the use of determiners

Numerous verb charts with side-by-side Italian and English translations for easy understanding of each tense's meaning

An exercise section with answer key to test and review your knowledge

Side by Side Italian and English Grammar gives you a firm grasp of the structure of both languages and sets the stage for true language mastery.
Publication Date:
11 / 12 / 2012

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