Simplified Design of Micropower and Battery Circuits

Simplified Design of Micropower and Battery Circuits by John Lenk
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Simplified Design of Micropower and Battery Circuits provides a simplified, step-by-step approach to micropower and supply cell circuit design. No previous experience in design is required to use the techniques described, thus making the book well suited for the beginner, student, or experimenter as well as the design professional. Simplified Design of Micropower and Battery Circuits concentrates on the use of commercial micropower ICs by discussing selections of external components that modify the IC-package characteristics. The basic approach is to start design problems with approximations for trial-value components in experimental circuits, then to vary the component values until the desired results are produced. Although theory and mathematics are kept to a minimum, operation of all circuits is described in full. EDITOR'S CHOICE - Electronics (The Maplin Magazine), May 1996 John D. Lenk has been a technical author specializing in practical electronic design and troubleshooting guides for more than 40 years. An established writer of international best-sellers in the field of electronics, Mr. Lenk is the author of more than 80 books on electronics, which together have sold well over two million copies in nine languages.Uses commercially available micropower ICsNo design experience requiredMinimal theory and mathematics; full circuit operation described
Publication Date:
11 / 12 / 1995

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