Simplified Design of Switching Power Supplies

Simplified Design of Switching Power Supplies by John Lenk

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Simplified Design of Switching Power Supplies is an all-inclusive, one-stop guide to switching power-supply design. Step-by-step instructions and diagrams render this book essential for the student and the experimenter, as well as the design professional. Simplified Design of Switching Power Supplies concentrates on the use of IC regulators. All popular forms of switching supplies, including DC-DC converters, inverters, buck, boost, buck-boost, pulse frequency modulation, pulse width modulation, current-mode control and pulse skipping, are described in detail. The design examples may be put to immediate use or may be modified to meet a specific design goal. As an instructional text for those unfamiliar with switching supplies, or as a reference for those in need of a refresher, this unique book is essential for those involved in switching power-supply design.Describes the operation of each circuit in detailExamines a wide selection of external components that modify the IC package characteristicsProvides hands-on, essential information for designing a switching power supply
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 1996

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