Six Sigma Business Scorecard, Chapter 3 - Need for the Six Sigma Business Scorecard

Six Sigma Business Scorecard, Chapter 3 - Need for the Six Sigma Business Scorecard by Praveen Gupta

By: Praveen Gupta

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Filled with performance-measuring techniques that can be used throughout a corporation, the Second Edition of Six Sigma Business Scorecard continues to be a proven tool for gauging and ensuring success in today's complex business environment. This guidebook was designed to translate an organization's mission and business strategies into performance measures and operating objectives. Widely used around the world, it has become the linchpin of an integrated approach to taking the Six Sigma program of any company to the next level. Ensure Sustained Profitable Growth Without a strong grasp of performance metrics, a company can have no clear, quantitative indication of its performance improvement. Six Sigma Business Scorecard offers a unique approach to measuring performance. Readers will learn how to track their improvements in operations and financials-and make critical adjustments if such improvements are not up to expectations-using Six Sigma. Written by an internationally recognized thought leader in business management and a practitioner of process management, Six Sigma, and innovation, this much-needed Second Edition of Six Sigma Business Scorecard delivers an innovative Execution Map allowing you to implement, reap, and quantify the many advantages of Six Sigma. You'll benefit from: Key performance metrics for companies already using Six Sigma, to determine their sigma level A well-defined measurement system, which builds on the "Balanced Scorecard," for use throughout a corporation The Business Performance Index (BPIn), specifically designed for CEOs, which monitors corporate wellness with ease The Innovation Index, for accelerating innovation The 4P model, for process management Six Sigma Business Scorecard will show you how to implement a successful and a measurable Six Sigma program.
Publication Date:
12 / 12 / 2006

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