Playing With Fire by Derek Landy
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130 x 197mm
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Meet the great Skulduggery Pleasant: wise-cracking detective, powerful magician, master of dirty tricks and burglary (in the name of the greater good, of course).Oh yeah. And dead.Then there's his sidekick, Stephanie. She's… well, she's a twelve-year-old girl. With a pair like this on the case, evil had better watch out…

''You will kill her?'' the Torment asked.

Skulduggery sagged. "Yes." He hesitated‚ then took his gun from his jacket. "I'm sorry‚ Valkyrie‚" he said softly.

''Don't talk to me‚'' Valkyrie said. "Just do what you have to do."

Valkyrie parted her tunic‚ and Skulduggery pointed the gun at the vest beneath.

''Please forgive me‚'' Skulduggery said‚ then aimed the gun at the girl and pulled the trigger.

With Serpine dead‚ the world is safe once more. At least‚ that's what Valkyrie and Skulduggery think‚ until the notorious Baron Vengeous makes a bloody escape from prison‚ and dead bodies and vampires start showing up all over Ireland. With Baron Vengeous after the deadly armour of Lord Vile‚ and pretty much everyone out to kill Valkyrie‚ the daring detective duo face their biggest challenge yet. But what if the greatest threat to Valkyrie is just a little closer to home...?

Ages: 9-13
Publication Date:
01 / 01 / 2017
130 x 197mm
Skulduggery Pleasant

Playing With Fire

The Faceless Ones

Dark Days

Death Bringer


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Skulduggery Pleasant Series
Skulduggery is a young man who died in a war against his worst enemy but was brought back to life to seek revenge. He eventually took down his enemy, but was left to wonder the world as a skeleton. In the first book we meet Stephanie Edgely the niece of Skulduggery Pleasant's ex- partner who died. Skulduggery then takes it upon himself to recruit Stephanie and introduce her to the realm of magic. You are brought on a journey with these to great characters that have been very cleverly put together. I really enjoy these books because they are about an everyday girl who discovers that there's more to the world than what she realizes. She meets a Skeleton who becomes her best friend and they go on crazy adventures to save each other and the world from the hands of danger. Reviewed by Ashley Weis
, 29/07/2014

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