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    Sky Hunters: Operation Southern Cross

    By: Jack Shane

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    The elite helicopter pilots of the Night Stalkers' experimental X-Batallion are sent on a unique, but extremely dangerous mission, to destroy a threat to the United States hidden in South America.

    America is stretched to its limits trying to contain the volatile situations in the Middle East and North Korea, and hardly has time for any more hot spots to pop up. But Murphy's Law rears its ugly head once again as new trouble brews in South America. Something is knocking American satellites out of their orbits, destroying one of the intelligence community's best assests. Evidence seems to point to the drug Cartels, determined to oppose the country that has declared war on their extremely lucrative cash crop. But is there another power lurking in the jungles, another agenda that the CIA hasn't been able to perceive? The mavericks and cowboys within X-Battalion might be the only ones capable of finding the real threat - and leaving a smoking crater to mark its grave.

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