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    Sleeping Beauty LP

    By: Phillip Margolin

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    Miles Van Meter has written a bestselling true crime account of a very personal subject - his twin sister, Casey, was attacked by a brutal serial killer and lies in a coma. Casey was the dean of Oregon Academy, an elite private school founded by Miles and Casey's father, Henry. The school had become a haven for Ashley Spencer, a student and soccer star, recovering from her own personal trauma - the murder of her father and best friend. Ashley's father's dying act was to set her free from her bonds, but her escape left her with a crippling sense of survivor guilt. When Oregon Academy offers Ashley a soccer scholarship and a position teaching at the school's summer soccer camp, Ashley finds a renewed sense of life and purpose. Her mother, Terry, joins a writing group lead by former literary wunderkind Joshua Maxfield, a teacher at the Academy.
    But tragedy strikes again when Terry and Casey Van Meter are attacked. Ashley discovers the crime - and also finds Joshua Maxfield standing over the bodies. Although Maxfield is arrested, he escapes from prison and is still at large five years later. When a legal battle concerning the Van Meter estate complicates Ashley's life even further, she is finally forced to confront her fears and her past - and in Miles Van Meter's book finds clues that may solve the mystery, or may once again put her life in danger.

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