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    Small Is Still Beautiful

    By: Barbara Schumacher & Joseph Pearce

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    More than a quarter of a century ago, E F Schumacher rang out his timely warning that rampant consumerism would result in gross economic inefficiency, pollution and inhumane working conditions. Barbara Wood Schumacher develops her father's legacy while taking up the themes of economic and political "smallness" for the new millennium. She continues his clarion cry against the idolatry of giantism by highlighting the beauty of smallness. When economic, political or social structures are too large, they become impersonal and unresponsive to human needs and aspirations. In such an environment individuals feel dispossessed, voiceless, powerless and alienated.

    Schumacher recognises that our ever-increasing rate of global consumption is depleting non-renewable natural materials at an alarming rate. She encourages us to summon the courage to ask the difficult questions and make the hard decisions. Will we continue on our present path, our foot on the accelerator, in pursuit of the bigger and faster - and ultimate disaster? Or will we think again?

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