Sober And Staying That Way

Sober And Staying That Way by Susan Powter
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The Missing Link in the Cure for Alcoholism

This is Susan Powter's story of overcoming her addiction to alcohol as well as a step-by-step method for conquering the disease.

The first problem, according to Susan, is that despite all the research that has shown that alcoholism is a disease, nearly every treatment program in the country still attacks it with talk. If you had breast cancer or polio, would you be satisfied if your doctor said, "No drugs today, but we can talk about it?"

Like her attack on the diet industry, this book will shock many, but what Susan offers is a thoroughly tested program of vitamin and mineral therapy that will satisfy alcoholics' special nutritional needs and allow them to deal with their addiction more effectively than they ever have before. In other words Susan Powter simultaneously claims that the recognized authorities are offering no real answers and offers up her own solutions to what seems an impossible problem.

'Sober and Staying That Way' offers three things: an astonishing confession, a heartbreaking story of healing, and a life saving prescription for overcoming the addiction to alcohol. It will change the way you think of Susan Powter. It will also change hundreds of thousands of people's lives.
Publication Date:
01 / 12 / 1997

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