SONET SDH Demystified

SONET/SDH Demystified by Steven Shepard
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THE HOW'S AND WHY'S AND APPLICATIONS ON SONET/SDH--MINUS THE JARGON Intended for use in broadband ISDN and ATM networks, SONET (Synchronous Optical Network) and SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) have taken on a life of their own. As fiber optic cable becomes the standard for data transmission, telcos and other carriers are deploying more high-speed SONET/SDH technologies to support leased-line services such as DS-1 and DS-3. In search of ever-faster data speeds, leading corporations such as Boeing, AT&T, and Disney are moving their private global networks to a SONET/SDH infrastructure. THIS BOOK IS A MUST-READ IF-- * Your're at the point where technology turns to business and shoot-or-pass decisions get made * Staying on top of what's hot in communications is your job * You need to understand the growth and workings of SONET/SDH, but don't have time for MIT * You want to compare cots, potentials, and performance of SONET/SDH with other technologies * You'd like business-model case studies of DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) and WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) that make sense * You sell, market, or manage for a firm that develops SONET/SDH systems * You make career choices in telecom, Internet service, networking, or the upper echelons of any large business * You invest in communications equipment makers, service providers, or applications creators * You're a curious technophile who can't get enough insider details on new communications strategies, methods, and trends * You see that there's more sun in the winner's circle than in the also-ran column The easiest way to size up SONET/SDH for your network--or simply to better understand these rapidly expanding technologies--SONET/SDH DEMYSTIFIED is the ideal shortcut to the front edge of high-speed networking.
Publication Date:
08 / 08 / 2001

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