Soul Corporation

Soul Corporation by Robert Collins
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178 x 111mm

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Being beautiful isn't always easy . . . This futuristic thriller proves there's a lot more than meets the eye of simple stardom.

They stole her life. Now she wants it back. Beautiful and prodigiously gifted, nineteen-year-old Esh has been asked to become the face of the biggest product the world has ever seen. Trading her life in London for a luxurious home in LA, her rise to stardom seems like a dream come true. As does her neighbour Marcus, whose image, like hers, hovers above the earth on the endless floating SkyBoards advertising their products and services. But appearances are deceiving. Esh soon realises the true nature of what she has agreed to do and watches terrified as her life and identity unravel, taken over by the immense power of the Corporation. Desperate, she turns to a group of underground rebels, 'The Team', who fight the Corporation by creating iVerts - digital viruses that reveal the sinister truth behind the world's commercial giants.
Publication Date:
01 / 08 / 2005
178 x 111mm

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