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    Space Clearing

    By: Denise Linn

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    How to Purify and Create Harmony in Your Home

    The ancient art of space clearing is now being recognised by a growing number of people as a simple and effective way to heal many aspects of our lives. In the same way that a room feels fresh and bright after a thorough spring cleaning, so the energy that surrounds us can be cleared of all negative and stagnant vibes.

    When space is cleared we feel positive, uplifted and full of life. The energy that surrounds all things, or chi as the Chinese refer to it, can be cleared in a number of ways and it is important to choose what feels right to you.

    This book explains the four key steps to space clearing and the different methods involved - from using bells, drums and rattles to feathers, smoke and sacred dance. It also gives simple guidelines on preserving the atmosphere after a clearing, including special blessings and prayers. 'Space Clearing' will appeal to all those looking for alternative solutions to problems in their lives as well as new converts and dedicated believers in Feng Shui.

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