Specifying Buildings by David T Yeomans

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Providing an overview of specifying, from selecting materials and products to writing the specification documents, Specifying Buildings is a new guide to this important part of the construction process. Where it differs from most books is in covering the management of the specification process, making sure that the design intent is transferred to the building assembly as specified.Covering a wide range of practices, Stephen Emmitt and David Yeomans have ensured the book has global relevance with specific differences between UK, Australia and the US identified. Case studies demonstrate how specifying works in practice. This book will prove invaluable to students of building, construction and architecture as well as professionals in the industry.* Improve your skills by learning not only how to write a specification but also how to manage the specification process* Deepen your understanding with a comprehensive overview of the specifying process from selecting materials and products to writing the specification* Gain an insight into practice with real-world case studies
Publication Date:
10 / 10 / 2001

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