Spoonful of Sugar: Old Fashioned Wisdom for Modern Day Mothers

Spoonful of Sugar: Old Fashioned Wisdom for Modern Day Mothers by Liz Fraser

By: Liz Fraser

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130 x 197mm

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It all began with a conversation with my grandmother...

When Liz Fraser spent a month with her grandmother‚ she was at her wits' end as a parent‚ fed up with modern society‚ crop-tops and pester power and the pressure to consume.
So she asked her grandmother - what works? What helps make a good childhood?

The answers were surprisingly simple - and stunningly effective.

From early bedtime to giving your child room to play‚ the old-fashioned common sense of her grandmother's generation changed Liz's family life for good.

Liz reveals the traditional rules that allow you to give your children back their childhood‚ while adding her own experience as a modern mum‚ aware we have to work with the world we live in now. The result is a book that confronts all the hot topics and lays bare the facts‚ and delivers practical solutions that every parent can employ.

Comforting‚ friendly and reassuringly traditional‚ this is the all everyone needs for a happier‚ simpler family life.

Granny's wisdom.
Publication Date:
01 / 05 / 2009
130 x 197mm

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