SQL Server 2005 Practical Troubleshooting

SQL Server 2005 Practical Troubleshooting by Ken Henderson Editor

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Never-Before-Published Insiders' Information for Troubleshooting SQL Server 2005. This is the definitive guide to troubleshooting the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database engine, direct from the people who know it most intimately: the people who wrote it, designed it, and support it. SQL Server expert Ken Henderson, author of the best-selling Guru's Guides to SQL Server, has assembled a ';dream team' of SQL Server developers and support engineers to provide in-depth troubleshooting and diagnostic information that has never been documented before: information that would be impossible to get without access to Microsoft's own source code. From caching to clustering, query processing to Service Broker, this book will help you address even the toughest problems with database engine operations. Each chapter begins with a brief architectural overview of a key SQL Server component, then drills down into the most common problems users encounter, offering specific guidance on investigating and resolving them. You'll find comprehensive, in-depth chapters on *; Waiting and blocking *; Data corruption and recovery *; Memory *; Procedure cache issues *; Query processing *; Server crashes and other critical failures *; Service Broker *; SQLOS and scheduling *; tempdb *; Clustering This is the indispensable resource for everyone who must keep SQL Server running smoothly: DBAs, database application developers, API programmers, and Web developers alike. Contents About the Authors ix Preface xii Acknowledgments xiv 1 Waiting and Blocking Issues 1 2 Data Corruption and Recovery Issues 47 3 Memory Issues 137 4 Procedure Cache Issues 183 5 Query Processor Issues 225 6 Server Crashes and Other Critical Failures 273 7 Service Broker Issues 331 8 SQLOS and Scheduling Issues 369 9 Tempdb Issues 411 10 Clustering Issues 425 The Aging Champion 441 Index 445
Publication Date:
08 / 12 / 2006

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