Standard Handbook of Engineering Calculations

Standard Handbook of Engineering Calculations by Tyler Hicks

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Complying with the latest environmental regulations

Design code changes

LEED design considerations

HVAC procedures

Mobile and in-the-field methods

"A classic compendium of step-by-step calculations for solving the most frequently encountered engineering problems in many engineering disciplines."


5000 Essential Calculations for Engineers

Packed with new data and methods, this invaluable handbook provides professionals with more than 5000 direct and related calculation procedures for solving common engineering problems quickly and easily. Now thoroughly revised and updated, Standard Handbook of Engineering Calculations, Fourth Edition covers seven engineering disciplines: civil, architectural, mechanical, electrical, chemical and process plant, sanitary, and environmental. Written in the popular "cookbook" format, the handbook describes each problem to be solved; provides numbered calculation procedures to be followed; works out an actual problem; and presents related calculations in most instances. This fourth edition features numerous new topics from design code changes in civil engineering to composite usage in engineering design. Inside, you'll find new problem-solving coverage of:

Anti-terrorism structural building changes

Power-plant cost-cutting

Efficient compliance with environmental regulations

Wind energy systems

LEED considerations in building design

Developments in pumps and related calculations

Freon-replacing refrigerants

Computer programs that automate repetitive calculations

Finite element analytic methods

The fourth edition of Standard Handbook of Engineering Calculations is a reference engineers will thank for answers time after time. Open this book for all the calculations you need in: Civil Engineering * Architectural Engineering * Mechanical Engineering * Electrical Engineering * Chemical and Process Plant Engineering * Sanitary Engineering * Environmental Engineering
Publication Date:
07 / 10 / 2004

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