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    Starring Prima! The Mouse Of The Ballet Jolie

    By: Jacquelyn Mitchard

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    Prima, a talented young mouse, lives in a piano with her family in the famous Ballet Jolie.

    From the day she was born in the backstage piano at the Ballet Jolie, it was obvious that Prima was destined for greatness. Her family fully expected her to become the lead dancer with the American Ballet Rodente. Such an honour should be enough for any mouselet, but Prima has even bigger plans. She won't be satisfied until she can share her talent with all creatures - even humans. Now, as any mouse with half a brain knows, the last thing you want to do around a human is draw attention to yourself, but will that stop Prima? Not on your tu-tu!

    Jacquelyn Mitchard brings to her first novel for young readers the same eye for detail, ear for dialogue, and affectionate characterisations that have made 'The Deep End Of The Ocean' and 'Twelve Times Blessed' bestsellers.

    Ages 8+

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