Statistics for Business by Derek L. Waller

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Statistical analysis is essential to business decision-making and management, but the underlying theory of data collection, organization and analysis is one of the most challenging topics for business students and practitioners. This user-friendly text and CD-ROM package will help you to develop strong skills in presenting and interpreting statistical information in a business or management environment. Based entirely on using Microsoft Excel rather than more complicated applications, it includes a clear guide to using Excel with the key functions employed in the book, a glossary of terms and equations, plus a section specifically for those readers who feel rusty in basic maths. Each chapter has worked examples and explanations to illustrate the use of statistics in real life scenarios, with databases for the worked examples, cases and answers on the accompanying CD-ROM.* Focused on the application of statistics for business using Microsoft Excel* Includes over 200 worked examples, exercises and cases illustrating real-life business scenarios using statistics* Accompanying CD-ROM provides databases for all worked examples, exercises, cases, and selected tables
Publication Date:
14 / 03 / 2008

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