Steiner & Woods EU Law

Steiner & Woods EU Law by Lorna Woods, Philippa Watson
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Now in its eleventh edition, Steiner & Woods EU Law is rightfully regarded as one of the best and most trusted EU law textbooks available. The book includes a well-balanced range of topics for students taking undergraduate courses on EU law. It offers a careful blend of institutional and substantive coverage and focuses on explaining the law clearly for an undergraduate readership, as well as raising areas for debate. The end of chapter further reading listshighlight where to go for more in-depth research and flowcharts help to visually represent the workings of the EU to give a clear understanding of these processes. Online Resource CentreThe book is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre offering teaching and learning support, including a customisable test bank of multiple choice questions and answers, electronic copies of the figures from the book for use in lectures and as handouts, as well as links to student resources including a glossary, web links, interactive map of Europe and a timeline showing major events in the development of the EU.
Publication Date:
30 / 08 / 2012

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