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    Sticks & Stones

    By: Pina Grieco-Tiso

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    It should be quite straightforward and simple. Mr Wilby loves teaching history so much that his subject is never just ancient Egypt; it's life. He sees no reason to be a stranger to his students outside the classroom hours: coaching them for the school play, visiting their families, almost acting as a father and a friend, rather than a teacher. And a sensitive and keen student like Wendell Jones thrives on the encouragement.

    So how can it turn so ugly? An error in judgement on the teacher's part, a student's wilful misunderstanding, jealous bullies looking for a scandal? In this alarming exploration of mob psychology, events take on a logic of their own that leaves the individual powerless to control them.

    Remember what they told you about sticks and stones? Well, sure, you could get a lot worse, but don't believe it when they say that names can never hurt you!

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