Stop The 21st Century Killing

Stop The 21st Century Killing by Paula Baillie-Hamilton
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215 x 134mm
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The ultimate groundbreaking plan for everyone who wants to enjoy good health in the 21st Century.

The world's population is currently being besieged by a growing plague of 21st Century diseases, the like of which have never been seen before. The number of people developing certain life threatening illnesses, such as diabetes, obesity, asthma and other allergies has doubled in the last two decades. Presenting the full story behind this modern day disease phenomenon, this book offers helpful advice, presents compelling medical facts and is packed full of key pointers to enable the reader to take immediate action.

Using information gathered from over 1,000 international scientific research papers, Dr Paula Baillie-Hamilton explains for the first time the key factors underlying the recent tidal wave of illnesses and disease, offers numerous proven alternative treatments and reveals many previously undisclosed secrets of health. From cancer to cardiovascular disorders, and from lung disease to neurological problems, Baillie-Hamilton will reveal the evidence linking diseases to health damaging chemicals, giving practical advice on the best way to remove these toxins from the body by means of avoidance, by following successful alternative treatment methods and through the active use of nutritional medicine. This exciting new work is not only of major benefit to those with existing illnesses for which conventional medicine holds little hope of cure or effective treatment.

'Stop The 21st Century Killing' also provides an essential guide for those who want to maximise good health and lower the odds of becoming ill in the future.
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2005
215 x 134mm

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