Strategic Continuous Process Improvement

Strategic Continuous Process Improvement by Gerhard Plenert
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Proven methods for achieving continuous process improvement

Resolve "quality chaos" by creating a link between quality problems and their optimal solutions. With a focus on building an integrated quality environment, Strategic Continuous Process Improvement: Which Quality Tools to Use and When to Use Them begins by discussing the different types of continuous process improvement (CPI) systems available.

This practical guide explains how to implement a strategic performance model and select and integrate appropriate metrics to achieve desired results. Tested techniques for executing an improvement process are included along with real-world examples. The book concludes with a plan to help you sustain an ongoing culture of continuous quality improvement in your organization.

Find out how to:

Identify CPI opportunities

Evaluate various CPI options using comparative benchmarks

Understand the characteristics of each quality option

Map CPI characteristics against quality problems

Select the appropriate tool to fit a specific quality problem

Recognize the role of governance and performance reviews

Cascade and communicate CPI throughout your organization

Move the needle toward successful process optimization
Publication Date:
24 / 10 / 2011

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