Strategy Bites Back ePub eBook

Strategy Bites Back ePub eBook by Henry Mintzberg
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SWOTed by strategy models? Crunched by analysis? Strategy doesn't have to be this way. Strategy is really all about being different. Thinking about it shouldnt make you reach for the snooze button. Strategy Bites Back brings you a provocative, imaginative and surprising mix of perspectives to help stimulate more creative strategic thinking and more enjoyable strategy making. From voices as diverse as and Lucy Kellaway, Mao Tse Tung and Jack Welch, even Michael Porter and Gary Hamel, you can enjoy exploring the sharper side of strategy. Strategy as a Little Black Dress Forecasting: Whoops! Management and Magic Strategy and the Art of Seduction The Soft Underbelly of Hard Data Strategy as destiny Jack Welch on Planning The Seven Deadly Sins of Planning Strategy One Step at a Time and many, many more. Why not have a good time reading a strategy book for a change?
Publication Date:
25 / 07 / 2013

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