Streetwise Subbie by John Russell

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Jack Russell, well known for his 'contractual terrier' column in the Electrical Times, shares a lifetime's experience of the construction industry, with a style and insight that speaks directly to electrical and mechanical subcontractors. Thousands of subbies have already benefitted from these insights: the streetwise approach to claims avoidance through the implementation and maintenance of basic routines on site, and clear paperwork including the contract and the programme of works.Instead of writing another daunting handbook, Jack Russell's insights are captured in brief, crisp, humorous articles, complemented by a series of cartoons. The text is supported by forms and checklists that have already made it onto site cabin walls around the country.The third edition features new chapters, including coverage of the New Engineering Contract (NEC3) and several new checklists.* The construction and electrical subcontractor's guide to successful contracts and paperwork* John Russell introduces systematic on-site routines and contractual precision as the route to avoiding expensive claims and lawsuits* Jack Russell, columnist of Electrical Times, offers a down-to-earth guide to the world of contracts written in the language of the subcontractor, not the lawyer
Publication Date:
09 / 11 / 2006

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