Strengths Model: Case Management with People with Psychiatric Disabilities

Strengths Model: Case Management with People with Psychiatric Disabilities by Richard J. Goscha

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Much has occurred since the publication of the first edition of this classic textbook. Recovery from psychiatric disabilities has become the new vision for mental health services. It has placed a new eminence on consumer resiliency, choice, self-determination, shared decision-making, and empowerment. Implementing evidence-based services has become a major focus of service system reform internationally. The Strengths Model, Second Edition firmly grounds the strengths model of case management within the recovery paradigm and details evidence-based guidelines for practice. In clear language the authors describe the conceptual underpinnings, theory, empirical support, principles, and practice methods that comprise the strengths model of case management. A chapter on the organizational structure and management methods necessary for successful implementation of the model make this a valuable tool for trainers, supervisors, and quality assurance personnel. This thoroughly updated edition reflects the dynamic nature of the strengths model. Practice methods have been added and refined and more detailed descriptions provided. Practice tools have been improved and new ones, like the Strengths Model Fidelity Instrument, added. New case vignettes have been added to give the reader a vivid picture of the methods in actual practice. A user-friendly guide for students and professionals, The Strengths Model remains the only book available that systematically translates the ideas and conceptions about the strengths model into a set of empirically derived practices for people with psychiatric disabilities.
Publication Date:
10 / 02 / 2006

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