Substance Use Disorders by Charles E. Dodgen

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Substance Use Disorders: Assessment and Treatment is a summary of everything a therapist should know about substance abuse in one easy-to-read comprehensive book. The book begins with a discussion of the pharmacology of specific drug classes (opioids, hallucinogens, etc.) and the epidemiology of abuse. It then presents psychological theories of substance abuse, the initiation and progression of substance abuse disorders, issues of prevention and early intervention, and screening and assessment for substance abuse (including specific tests for assessment) and discusses in detail the various treatment methodologies available. Two final chapters explore issues relevant to special populations and legal and ethical considerations, regarding issues such as confidentiality and coerced treatment.A synthesis of the current research and clinical literatureIncludes strengths and weaknesses of commonly used psychometric assessment measuresPresentation and review of a complete Psychosocial/Substance Use Assessment formDiscussion of treatment settings and criteria for placement decisionsDiscussion of treatment alternatives and effectiveness of major pharmacological and psychotherapeutic approachesDiscussion of factors leading to Relapse, and components of Relapse Prevention programs
Publication Date:
03 / 05 / 2000

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