Success Strategies for Women in Science

Success Strategies for Women in Science by Unknown
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Success Strategies for Women in Science: A Portable Mentor focuses on a wealth of knowledge and years of experience of successful female scientists from industry, government, research institutes, and academe. This book, through practical advice and real-life stories, presents what knowledge and skills are needed to make the transition from trainee to scientist that, if practiced, will help beginners become successful. This book, in particular, describes the essential skills required of every researcher, such as networking, communicating, coping with the demands of a research career, time management, and the most difficult of skills, saying ""no"" to excessive demands on time. This text also explores the issues relating to career development and the importance of the examination of alternate career paths. While much of the advice in this mentoring manual is aimed at women new in their careers, experienced readers will also find the book of value. This material will fill the gap and help women to pursue excellence and achieve success in their chosen scientific careers.* Details skills complementing scientific training and expertise that are proven to enhance potential for success, including networking and mental toughness* Provides insights into balancing professional and personal responsibilities* Written by outstanding female scienctists representing diverse scientific backgrounds and interests* Offers pracical advice and real-life stories that address currrent issues and concerns* A professional resource with international perspective
Publication Date:
28 / 04 / 2011

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