By: Carrie Karasyov & Jill Kargman

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To do:
Secure models for photo shoot.
Fetch dry cleaning when it arrives from Paris.
Walk big star's makeup artist's assistant's dog.
Snag invitation to tonight's hot party downtown.

I'm Kira Parker, total fashion junkie. I thought I had it made when I landed a summer internship at Skirt, the preeminent fashion magazine. Ha. Don't get me wrong—working at Skirt, and spending the summer in New York City without my parents, is amazing. But now I'm up against Daphne Hughes, daughter of the magazine's owner. She's already got the guy of my dreams and all the right connections. Now she thinks she'll get the plum position working for the editor in chief without even lifting a diamond-adorned pinky? This catwalk is primed for battle.
Publication Date:
01 / 10 / 2008

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