Surrender to a Scoundrel

Surrender to a Scoundrel by Julianne MacLean

By: Julianne MacLean

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No woman can resist him. . .Lord Martin Langdon takes pride in his scandalous reputation as a scoundrel, and he considers the art of seduction a most rewarding pastime. So when this dashing rakehell learns of a particularly beautiful woman who is "impossible to flirt with," Martin is determined to prove that not even the prim and proper Evelyn Wheaton can resist his charms.Except one.Evelyn knows all about the reckless rogue's shocking reputation and she wants nothing to do with him. She may be looking for a husband, but Martin is certainly not a candidate. The smoldering looks he sends her way, however, are a different matter entirely. She suspects there is great passion to be had if she'd throw caution to the wind and surrender to this scoundrel . . . but dare she risk her heart?And will Martin, who hides a most tormented past, find true love at last?
Publication Date:
13 / 10 / 2009

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