Sustainability at the Cutting Edge

Sustainability at the Cutting Edge by Peter F Smith

By: Peter F Smith

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This is your first point of reference in understanding the future direction of sustainable technology. It introduces the very latest in practical sustainability techniques and illustrates the diverse technologies being developed to create optimum eco-efficiency in our built environment.Peter F. Smith takes you through the current research and prototypes which will affect every feature of the evolution of building design. As sustainable building becomes increasingly essential - with the advent of climate change, government legislation and international treaties - this is valuable knowledge for every architect, engineer and designer who wishes their designs to be both responsive and cutting edge.With information from the leaders in their fields, this book is a comprehensive reference to the emerging technologies for this innovative approach to design.* Learn about the future of sustainable technology* Gain a knowledge about the newest designs and details of the built environment* Benefit from the inside knowledge and expertise of the author
Publication Date:
20 / 11 / 2002

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