Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood

Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood by David Rudlin

By: David Rudlin

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'Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood' explores the way that the UK's towns and cities are changing at the turn of the millennium. Previously known as 'Building the 21st Century Home', the second edition of this successful text describes the way that environmental and demographic change, economic pressures and the needs of community could change urban areas forever just as the garden city movement did a century ago. Some of the arguments that were so contentious ten years ago are now widely accepted. Others rumble on, particularly after another property crash that has hit urban apartments. The central point, however, remains; urban renaissance will not be achieved by coercion but by the creation of positive urban models. Through case studies, the book describes one such model, the Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood: mixed-use, mediumdensity urban development, designed to minimise resource use and maximise community. This classic text will be essential reading for urban designers, architects and planners, and anyone involved in the development of new homes and the regeneration of towns and cities.* Links social, environmental and economic factors with urban design for a fresh approach* Grounded in practical realities of development. Visionary, whilst also putting theory into practice* Provides a model for sustainable reform by showing how architects work with existing planning laws and environments to improve site plans
Publication Date:
23 / 09 / 2009

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