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The wryly amusing and revealing story of one man’s journey into the swinger lifestyle that pulls back the curtain on this fascinating, and often misunderstood, subculture.

An estimated fifteen million strong worldwide, swingers are everywhere – a huge community, hiding in plain sight, whose erotic pastime remains a complete mystery to the rest of us. In Swingland, Daniel Stern outs himself and the secretive society he loves, recounting his ten-year transformation from a lonely guy who couldn’t get a date into a veteran sexual adventurer.

Swingland is much more than just a titillating exposé – there is also plenty of invaluable advice for those thinking of taking the plunge themselves (be honest, sensitive and hygienic!). Lovingly written, with a keen sensibility, Stern’s narrative is as improbably safe as it is fun – and impossible to put down.

'Daniel Stern's Swingland is brave, funny, eye-opening, entertaining and well-written . . . everything one could ask, really, of a book about sex. But for all its titillations, Swingland is also something more rare: It is humane, and vulnerable. The book is a genuine delight.' Matthew Specktor, Author of American Dream Machine

'Daniel Stern navigates the naked frontier of consensual, casual group sex with a firm, polite grip. Never pedantic, Swingland shimmies like the mingling souls of James Brown (The Los Angeles Diaries) and Augusten Burroughs to the Boogie Nights soundtrack.' Antonia Crane, Author of Spent

'Delightfully self-deprecating and unrelentingly honest, Swingland offers an insightful glimpse into a strange sexual world.' Sam Benjamin, Author of American Gangbang

Daniel Stern is Director of Operations at an entrepreneurial company and a screenwriter who placed in the top four in Project Greenlight and was a Sundance Lab screenwriting finalist. He lives in Los Angeles.
Publication Date:
25 / 09 / 2013

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