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    By: Deike Begg

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    Meaningful Coincidence and the Story of Your Life.

    Have you ever felt that someone or something is looking out for you? Have you ever sensed that you should follow a certain path, even though you aren't sure why? Have you ever wondered at the strange coincidences that bring people together?

    This is synchronicity at work. Now you can discover an adventurous new way of living - based on conscious co-operation with the principles of synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence. This book explains how synchronicities act as signposts through the wilderness that seems to make up most of our daily lives. The author explores ideas of purpose, right timing, chance, promise and providence, and addresses the question of destiny - the often bizarre ways people who are destined to come together meet. Most importantly, she reveals the remarkable significance of synchronistic events and the important role they play in all our lives.

    Learn how to listen to the voice of destiny, and ultimately find your true vocation and purpose.

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