Tarnished Lady

Tarnished Lady by Sandra Hill

By: Sandra Hill

Date Released

Out Of Print

Disgraced!Banished from polite society for bearing a child out of wedlock, Lady Eadyth of Hawks Lair spends her days hidden under a voluminous veil, tending her bees. But when her sons detested father threatens to reveal the boys true paternity and seize her beloved lands, Lady Eadyth seeks a husband willing to claim the child as his own.Eirik of Ravenshire is Englands most virile bachelor, notorious for lovingand leaving the most beautiful damsels in the land. Now a mysterious lady is offering him a vow of chaste matrimony in exchange for revenge against his most hated enemy, and Eirik simply cannot refuse. But the lusty knights plans go awry when he finds himself unable to resist Eadyths myriad charms . . . and he succumbs to the sweet sting of the tarnished ladys love.
Publication Date:
20 / 07 / 2010

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