Teach Terrific Writing, Grades 4-5

Teach Terrific Writing, Grades 4-5 by Gary Muschla

By: Gary Muschla

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Help your students develop their writing and proofreading skills with hundreds of creative hands-on activities

If you are looking for supplemental material for your writing program or are in search of practical exercises to boost your pupils’ proofreading abilities, this invaluable resource has it all!

Teach Terrific Writing, Grades 4–5 features 170 activities--including an answer key--versatile enough to be adapted to any existing program or approach. This book provides you with all the guidelines and tools you need to develop a classroom of great writers.

With help from Teach Terrific Writing, Grades 4–5 your students will learn how to:

Focus their topics

Organize ideas

Write a draft

Construct paragraphs

Understand the order of ideas

Recognize good writing

Use proofreading strategies

and much more

Soon your students will become masters at producing complete pieces of writing as well as polishing their work.
Publication Date:
04 / 07 / 2010

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