Tears To Triumph: Spiritual Healing For The Modern Plagues Of Anxiety And Depression

Tears To Triumph: Spiritual Healing For The Modern Plagues Of Anxiety And Depression by Marianne Williamson
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134 x 203mm
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In each and every one of our lives, we will experience suffering. This is not a new problem. It is ageless. Bestselling author, speaker, and activist Marianne Williamson helps us rediscover religious principles for dealing with and transcending our suffering. Many people today experience the emotional pain of depression, relational trauma, and grief without the knowledge of how to deal with them and find healing. As a culture and as individuals, we have neglected the spiritual work of facing and moving through our pain to find true healing. Instead, we numb our pain, medicate it, or deny it. As Williamson explains, in avoiding our pain, we avoid our growth. She offers an opportunity to transform our pain through spiritual healing. By turning to the wisdom of ancient spiritual teachers such as the Buddha, Moses, and Jesus, we can redirect our suffering so it becomes an opportunity for healing and enlightenment. Miracles begin when we start the healing process of listening to what our pain has to teach us. Only in this way can we move from tears to triumph and become deeper, happier, and wiser as a result.
Publication Date:
24 / 07 / 2017
134 x 203mm

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