Teen Trailblazers by Jennifer Calvert & Vesna Asanovic

197 x 238mm

Changing the world may sound like an impossible task. It’s the kind of thing only political leaders, business innovators, and celebrities can do, right? But what if that’s not true? Just look to these change-making girls who used their voices, their strengths, and their courage to forge new paths to a better future—all before their 20th birthdays.

Teen Trailblazers tells the stories of 30 awe-inspiring young women, from historical groundbreakers like Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, and Anne Frank; to history’s quiet heroines, like Sybil Ludington, who warned troops that the British were coming; and Claudette Colvin, who inspired Rosa Parks; to today’s powerful voices of social justice like Jazz Jennings and Emma González. Discover the remarkable change, leadership, and innovation made by incredible girls who overcame huge obstacles to accomplish great things. These pioneers are proof that every girl has the power to speak up, to speak out, to innovate, to inspire, to ask questions, and to challenge injustice. Each of these young women was "just a girl" until the day she wasn’t anymore—until she became a trailblazer.

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