Telecommunications and Networks

Telecommunications and Networks by K M HUSSAIN
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Telecommunications is an old and stable technology if you think only of telephones and telegraph. But in the 1960s came computers and the processing of data. Soon, we needed data communications to transmit data to remote PCs connected by networks. Later, these points of communications increased in number, with the transmission being no longer limited to data but included text, voice and even images and video.

This book explains in clear and simple language the development of this technology, the management of telecommunications and the many applications that are now possible because of telecommunications.

PART ONE deals with an overview of telecommunications technology. Here you will learn about early transmission principles, how data is carried over networks, analogue and digital signals, e-mail, the Internet and the various standards and compression techniques.

PART TWO shows how these technologies are managed and organized as part of the Information Technology structure. This might be a client-server approach on the corporate level, or as part of the regional infrastructure .Security "firewalls" and encryption methods are explained as well as the planning, acquisition and maintenance of resources needed for computers interconnected by telecommunications.

PART THREE is concerned with the very latest applications for telecommunications: multimedia, message handling; teleworking; e-mail; Electronic Data Interchange; teleconferencing; video conferencing; home shopping, distance learning, electronic publishing; movies-on-demand; digital library; telemedicine; information services; cybercash etc. It puts the technology in context and illustrates the new services on offer and changing culture of the telecommunications age.

This is an excellent beginners guide to telecommunications. It explains in a manner that is non baffling to the novice, both the technology in use and its implications for working practices today.

Clear simple language
Puts telecommunications technology in context as well as explaining how it works
A comprehensive glossary of key words and terminology is offered
Publication Date:
23 / 09 / 1997

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