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Since the last edition of the book was published, there have been a number of important developments in the telecommunications industry, for example the operational separation of BT in the UK, which may prove a model for the rest of Europe in dealing with incumbent operators, and the debate over "network neutrality" in the US, which is dominating the roll-out of the infrastructure.Telecommunications Law and Regulation is fully updated and contains new chapters on technology and markets, and capacity agreements. Other topics addressed in this new edition include the consequences of convergence within an EU and international context, including the blurring of conduit and content regulations; the implications of IP and Next Generation Networks; issues of communication privacy in the context of the "war on terrorism", and how these impact on the commercialoperations of service providers; the obtaining and trading of spectrum, with governments and regulators looking to fully exploit the"digital dividend"; and the application of ex post competition law to the sector, as governments attempt to deregulate competitive markets. The book examines all aspects of EU 2003regime; implementation issues, and the proposed reforms arising from the 2006 review.Written by leading experts in the field, it offers comprehensive coverage of the law and regulatory structures relating to telecommunications. It is essential reading for legal practitioners involved in the communications industry and of interest to management consultants, bankers and accountants who will need to be aware of the legal implications of this fast changing area. It is also a highly accessible and thought-provoking book for postgraduate study.
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19 / 02 / 2009

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