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    By: Matthew Thomas

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    On a tiny island somewhere in the Pacific . . .

    Elvis is stuffing King burgers at the weekly beach barbecue, arguing with John Lennon over first go on the guitar. Marylin's telling Jimmy Dean her latest enema story. And galloping out of the dunes is Lucan on his trusty steed Shergar. They disappear for days, but always return for the parties. It's one of the few perks of this paradise prison.

    Do you believe in Rockwell, in Elvis sightings, in alien abductions? Do you believe that the water supply is drugged to keep us passive, that fairies play at the bottom of your garden when you're not looking? That's what they want you to believe. Because the truth is far, far more disturbing.

    All the conspiracy theories you've ever thought of are true. They're there to divert you from the big picture. As UFO-spotter Dave Pierce and ex-USAF pilot Frank MacIntyre are about to find out.

    From the massively successful author who brought you 'Before & After', the world's first exploding sheep book, comes the conspiracy theory to beat them all.

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