That Others May Live by Sgt Jack Brehm & Pete Nelson
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The Story of the PJs, America's Most Daring Rescue Force.

Imagine jumping out of an aeroplane at 40,000 feet, accelerating through the air until you reach terminal velocity at 127 mph, then deploying your 'chute at a mere 1,000 feet in order to minimise your vulnerability to ground fire . . . Or performing against-all-odds rescue operations described in the best-selling 'Perfect Storm'. Or climbing down a mountain in a blizzard with someone strapped to your back.

The PJs, America's most elite military unit are Pararescue Jumpers, originally formed after WWII by US Air Force/Air National Guard to rescue troops from behind enemy lines (and, in peacetime, civilians in danger around the world). They can recover victims from deserts or at the poles, far out to sea or in offshore 150 mph winds. They swim in 100 foot seas. They are highly skilled paramedics. They know how to operate a machine gun from a helicopter door.

In 'That Others May Live' we follow Brehm and his fellow PJs from PJ school in 1978 to the present day. The daring missions are relived in full detail. We see how Jack and his wife Peggy have raised five children and kept their marriage intact through two decades with one parent spending a good part of his time in harm's way somewhere in the world . . .

Contains black and white photographs.
Publication Date:
05 / 02 / 2001

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