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    By: Emanuel Rosen

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    How to Stimulate Word-of-Mouth Marketing

    Word-of-mouth marketing has long been recognised as a powerful selling tool. But just how does a company generate it? How, for example, did the makers of Trivial Pursuit manage to create huge demand for their game, almost overnight? How did BMW use James Bond to double their orders for the Z3 roadster? Why did it take cameras fifty years to become accepted by the general public? The ability or inability of companies to exploit word-of-mouth marketing can answer all these questions.

    The revolutionary power of the Internet to connect customers to each other, and the fact that consumers are becoming more attuned to (and sceptical of) traditional advertising, means that word-of-mouth marketing will become increasingly important for the success (or failure) of your company.

    This book reveals how to create word-of-mouth marketing that will work for your business. It shows how to:
    - build contagious attributes into your product at the design stage
    - identify network hubs that influence others in the network
    - seed non-active networks early on
    - design tell-a-friend promotions that work
    - advertise in a way that simulates and stimulates word-of-mouth marketing.

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