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    By: Neil Somerville

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    Hold a question in your mind and open to any page, and there will be your Answer. Seek and you shall find. This instant oracle, based on the 3000-year-old practice of divination by lines, will provide the answers to every life question you have ever wanted to ask, with wisdom and advice from some of history's greatest writers.

    'Something is learned every time a book is opened' - Chinese proverb. Do you wish you could ask any question and instantly be able to tap into universal wisdom to get your answer? If you have a question, an uncertainty, or need advice, then 'The Answers' is for you.

    The book is based on the ancient divination system of divining by lines (used for more than 3000 years), which involves picking passages from a text, be it the Bible, classic texts, old manuscripts, the I Ching, or books of poetry and fiction.

    'The Answers' has been specifically written for divination by lines, making it the easiest oracle to use and understand. Each page contains proverbs, sentiments and answers distilled from the greatest sages and writers, with accompanying summaries to guide you in your particular question.

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