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    The Baby Mind Reader

    By: Derek Ogilvie

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    Amazing Psychic Stories from the Man Who Can Read Babies' Minds.

    Psychic Derek Ogilvie is the baby mind reader - called in when parents have tried all else, Derek communicates with children to find the reasons behind their problem behaviour, tantrums and sleepless nights. This gripping memoir of his psychic adventures is a fascinating cross between Supernanny and Most Haunted. Derek Ogilvie is one of Scotland's best-known and respected psychics.

    At the age of nine Derek realised he was psychic when his dead neighbour started visiting him every night while he was in bed. But as a young man, Derek's psychic abilities took a back seat as he concentrated on building a business empire and becoming a millionaire.

    However, five years ago, Derek's business went bust, his house was repossessed, his partner left him and his grandmother died. Only then did Derek take stock of his life and reconnect with his psychic gift to start helping other people. It was at this point that Derek realised he could also communicate with babies and young children, as well as animals.

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