The Ballroom On Magnolia Street

The Ballroom On Magnolia Street by Sharon Owens
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Shirley Winters is a daydreamer who loves vintage clothes and local pin-up Declan Greenwood. Her older sister Kate enjoys collecting handbags and lovers with equal relish, but hates her job in the dole office and her demon-boss Miss Bingham.

When Shirley eventually meets up with Declan, they fall for each other in a big way. Declan promptly proposes . . . and Kate has a nervous breakdown. There is no way she is playing bridesmaid to a sister almost a decade younger than herself, so the rush is on to find a husband of her own.

Handsome Johnny 'Hollywood' Hogan owns the ballroom on Magnolia Street, and every woman in Belfast adores him. But he loves the one who got away, beautiful Marian Greenwood. Then Hogan finds out that Declan is his son by Marian, and wants to play a major part in the wedding of the year . . .
Publication Date:
02 / 06 / 2008

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