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    The Big, Bad Book of Botany: The World's Most Frightening Flora

    By: Michael Largo

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    From the author of <I>The Big, Bad Book of Beasts</I> and <I>Final Exits</I>, a one-of-a-kind compendium of the world's most amazing plants, as well their curious human history and lore. Where did the world's first tree grow? What is the world's deadliest plant (hint: it's more poisonous than a cobra!). What's the secret of a person with a "green thumb"-can some plants actually communicate telepathically? Do you know which came first-the flower or the bee? What prehistoric plant actually "walked," and what other weird and wonderful means of locomotion do plants employ to overcome their normally stationary existence? Discover the folklore associated with the world's most fascinating plants, from those so rare they were once more valuable than gold, to those of ancient mythology, supposedly imbued with magical abilities (like the power to turn a person to stone). In <I>The Big, Bad Book of Botany,</I>, Michael Largo (author of <I>The Big, Bad Book of Beasts</I> and <I>Final Exits</I>) tells of plant recipes used by sorcerers and assassins to kill kings, and of botanical concoctions to revive the dead; he also recounts the astonishing properties of certain plants to cure and heal, many of which have long since been forgotten by modern medicine. Learn, too, of the intriguing history and transformations vegetables and fruits have experienced over years of agricultural development, and of the journeys they take from farm to supermarket. In a winning A-to-Z format, <I>The Big, Bad Book of Botany</I> combines the latest in biological data with bizarre facts about the plant kingdom's oddest species, creating an expansive and endlessly captivating book that will forever transform the way readers look at the vast greenness of planet Earth.

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