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    By: Paul Wildish

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    An Exploration of Energy, Form and Spirit.

    This book takes a fascinating look at the origins of ch'i and the wide range of practices that focus on ch'i, our living essence. It teaches us ways to awaken this energy and fulfill our true potential.

    In the West, we give little thought to energy, but the understanding of our energy, or life force, is the basis of virtually all Eastern healing and exercise practices. The Chinese believe that understanding and balancing the flow of this ch'i energy is essential for well-being.

    When we have abundant ch'i energy flowing smoothly through our bodies, we are physically, emotionally and spiritually in balance. But when this energy is blocked our health can suffer. Ch'i is the vital force behind healing practices like Reiki, chi kung, shiatsu and acupuncture, which help to clear energy blocks and restore harmony in the body. Feng shui taps into ch'i energy to bring about change within your environment, while martial arts, like tai ch'i and aikido, specialises in the dynamic harnessing of this energy for self protection.

    Whether your interest is in healing, martial arts or feng shi, this book will bring you to a profound understanding of this vital energy and how to access and channel it for your own well-being.

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