The Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories

The Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories by Nolan Monica Surkis Alisa
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These are the tales of the unbridled desires of passion-starved women without men, vulnerable to the temptations of Sappho and crossing over into a world of high withers, rippling hindquarters and glossy coats... Here, readers will meet women like Pauline in Miss Barnard's Unit - the country girl who comes of age in World War 1, and comes undone in the arms of a worldly debutante... Terry in Snake Eyes for Silky , a jockey who falls hard for a whip-wielding gangster's moll, and finds that she must choose between her heart and her horse... Innocents like Lena and Lily in The Chosen Horse , who bond over the sad fate of a cart horse, and their unspoken need to tread the waters of Lesbos... A world-class jumper like Julie in Lady Snow , a champion tempted by the irresistible rhythms of the bisexual Euro-beat... A young girl like Oreola in Pastures of Passion , who follows a lost foal to a curious farm girl - and her own destiny... With an inspired sense of nostalgia, sensation and wry humour, THE BIG BOOK OF LESBIAN HORSE STORIES invites readers back into the curves of third-sex pulp fiction where odd-girls-out now ride as free as a filly - side-saddle be damned. And from coy flirtation to requited lust, there's nary a man in sight to set them on the straight-and-narrow.
Publication Date:
03 / 03 / 2008

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