The Birth of the Modern Mum by Heather Irvine
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178 x 126mm
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So much of modern motherhood is targeted at looking good even when you feel crap and making your baby look good even though he or she wont settle or feed or stop crying, all in the shortest time frame possible. The Miranda Kerr and Heidi Klums of the world make it look easy; have a baby and get back on the runway 2 minutes later with a flat stomach, silky hair and glowing skin.

What about the mothers who get acne from pregnancy, or whose hair turns grey, or cant loose their baby belly in 10 seconds flat? This book is for them. The Birth of the Modern Mum looks at the serious issues such as Postnatal Depression (PND), relationship changes and physical changes that mothers face in their first year with a new baby while still providing light-hearted quick fixes that any mother can implement in short period of time. 

In association with The Gidget Foundation, and industry support from Dr Vijay Roach and Dr John Irvine, The Birth of the Modern Mum is sure to become a household title for all new mums.

No man could have written such a sensitive, practical and humorous handbook for the modern mum. - Dr John Irvine.

"Every day I am asked to recommend a chronicle of wisdom for pregnancy, birth and mothering. Written with warmth, compassion, genuine insight and humour, Heather Irvine has given us just what was needed. - Dr Vijay Roach, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
Publication Date:
01 / 09 / 2014
178 x 126mm

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